Cahawba Christian Academy

The mission of Cahawba Christian Academy is to provide a Christ-centered environment where students are challenged to achieve both spiritual and academic excellence.


Believing that homework is an integral part of the school program, each teacher will give homework to aid the students to advance his/her studies. We request parents' full cooperation in seeing that assignments are completed on time. Failure to complete homework will affect the student's grades. In high school classes, completed homework can help offset a student's poor average. Chronic failure to complete homework will be brought to the attention of the principal and parents. Some students may be required to carry assignment verification notebooks (agendas) each day to every class to be initialed by the teachers and then verified by parents. Parents are encouraged to check homework assignments for their children.


Semester exams will be given in grades 7-12. These exams will count 1/4 of a semester average. Exams are kept on file at the school for one year and are available for student or parent review in the school office.


Students will be tested annually with a nationally-normed test. Additionally, before students can enroll for their senior year, they must have taken the ACT, which is not administered by the school. The school principal or academic counselor can assist students in registering for the ACT. The student or his/her parent/guardian is responsible for the registration cost of the ACT and transportation to and from the ACT testing site. All graduating seniors must also pass a nationally recognized Civics Test with a grade of 65% or higher (Senate Bill 32. 2017). This test will be administered by CCA.


Seniors will be assessed a graduation fee to cover the cost of the diploma, graduation robe, and costs for the baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies. Students who qualify for graduation will be required to attend ALL practices and ceremonies for Baccalaureate and Commencement. Students who fall short of the requirements of graduation at the end of the senior year will not be allowed to participate in these ceremonies. In addition, students who have been involved in pranks or acts of a serious nature will not be allowed to participate in the ceremonies, or they may have their transcripts held until the school administration has had the opportunity to investigate and respond.


Seniors will be eligible for being recognized as class valedictorian or salutatorian, provided they have attended CCA since the 9th grade. The senior with the highest G.P.A. (95 or above), will be designated as valedictorian; the senior with the second highest G.P.A. (90 or above), will be recognized as the salutatorian. In the event that more than one student has distinguished themselves and, provided their G.P.A. is 3.9 or above, multiple salutatorians may be named. In the event that candidates have identical G.P.A.'s, the numerical averages of the candidates will be considered for class ranking. All candidates must have completed the coursework for the advanced diploma. These seniors will be required to deliver a speech during graduation or baccalaureate ceremonies. The speeches must be read and approved by the principal prior to being delivered. Any student caught plagiarizing or cheating on any test or major assignment may be disqualified from candidacy for valedictorian or salutatorian.


Tim Bonds - Counselor, Bible, Government/Econ, US History II, & World History II
Joyce Butler - Computer Resource, Girls' Health 8-12, & US History I
Becky Davis - English & Language Arts 8-12, & World History I
Miranda Easterling - Science 8-12 & Boys' Health 8-12
Rebekah Gothard - Mathemathics 8-12 & Critical Thinking